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Is winter a good or bad time to buy or sell a boat?


There's no time like the present

  • Buyers who are ready are trawling the internet constantly. It's not as seasonal as you think.

  • Although the post-pandemic fever has worn off, sale prices remain steady. This is down to the relative price of new boats, a low volume of available boats on the market, and a lower propensity for buying overseas (given the 20% import tax on 2nd hand yachts)

  • Selling now means you have time to find what you want for the following season.

  • If you need to sell before you buy -  time is of the essence, as you'll miss all the good, well-maintained boats that come on. They get snapped up by those ready to pounce!

  • The sooner you sell, the sooner the bills stop :) 



Bear in mind that a purchase process normally takes 28 days when a survey is involved.

Logic would have some wait until the spring, to avoid winter storage costs, but our advice would be to allow plenty of time.


  • Finding both the right boat for you, plus the sometimes lengthy buying process, takes time.

  • Buying before the new season gives you time to prepare your boat the way you want it.

  • Surveys may advise remedial works that can be completed over the Winter.

  • How long are you going to wait, and what will you miss in the meantime?

  • Frantically looking for a boat - just before the season kicks off - is not a good idea.  

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